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Dr. Pius Godwin, ARNP

My name is Doctor Godwin. I am a nurse practitioner with a doctorate in natural medicine. My wife Louella is also a nurse  practitioner.  Our daughter Angela is also a nurse practitioner, specializing in weight management and health prevention. The Godwins are not physicians.  The Godwins are not pastors.  Like my fathers before me, we are natural healers. I was born a catholic. Louella was born catholic. Angela was born catholic. In the process of time, we changed denomination.  In search of the truth, we became Seventh day Adventist. We did’nt leave the   church, the church left us.  It became evident no single church has the   truth. Like John the Revelator, we  wept  bitterly 
( Rev  5: 4-5 ) .

We  sigh and  cry  for all  the  abomination  in the  house  of God. One  day as  I  was praying,  God called  me. And  for  25 years  God  has been  teaching  me. God has been teaching me the   mystery of the sanctuary.  We are on a Mission.  A mandate to prepare a remnant. We  invite  you  to  be part  of    this ministry.  We  challenge you  to  let the   bible  references lead  you  to  the  truth. Tell a friend where to find us……. .